By now you have heard of Cryoskin the new service we are offering.  And for 4 days this month we will have some amazing specials. And Now I can reveal those specials to you, but note they will not be available until November 24th and available for only a few days and for a limited number.  

Cryoskin Slimming/Toning
5 SESSIONS $1,000 
(savings of $500)

10 Sessions $2,000
(savings of  $500)

During the Day Black Friday Special you will be able to lock in the special with at least a deposit. You will need to come in for your first session by Dec 7th.  Payment options available, all payments are non-fundable. Payment Plans will be auto and if a payment doesn't go through your plan will be cancelled and you will forfeit the special pricing. Each payment will be the full price of a treatment, with the discount for the series being with the last payment. The payments will be the day before your next appointment (Every 6 or 13 days, depending on which treatment you are getting.)  

For these specials if you have paid for a consult that amount will still be applied to the package, but it will be applied to the last session. If you haven't come in for a consult yet, be sure to if you are interested in the packages below.  

*5 Sessions $1,000
Deposit $325
1st Payment $325
2nd Payment $325
Last Payment $25


*10 Sessions $2,000
Deposit $325
1st Payment $325
2nd Payment $325
3rd Payment $325
4th Payment $325
5th Payment $325
Last Payment $50

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