Cancellation and  No Show Policy

Things come up, we all have it happen. If you fore see a reason you won't be able to show up please notify me as early as you can.  Below are a few more details about Cancellations and No Shows.  

  • A cancellation is given with at least a 24 hour notice.

  • Appointments that are rescheduled without a 24 hour notice, must be rescheduled within 7 days of the original appointment for the appointment to not be considered a No Show/Late Cancellation appointment and to be subject to a 'no show' fee of $30.  If the rescheduled appointment is then cancelled at any time, it will be subject to a 'no show' fee.

No Show
  • No show is considered any cancellation of an appointment without 24 hour notice or not showing for your appointment at all. ​

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late you are considered a ‘no show’, we cannot guarantee the services will be rendered.  No show appointments will be charged $30, this will be charged to the credit card that you put on file when booking your appointment.  

  • No showing on a gift certificate appointment will result in the lost of $30.  That amount will be deducted from your gift certificate amount, if your certificate doesn't cover that amount, you may be required to pay the balance before you can book again.

  • No showing on a promotional gift card, certificate or service will result in the lost of that a card, certificate or services.  (promotional services include, giveaways, drawings, donated services)​

  • No showing on a Membership appointment will result in the lost of that appointment.  

  • After one or more No Show appointments, we will require full payment when your appointment is scheduled.  

updated Jan '21