enhancing your natural beauty

we have all bought those makeup compacts or products and thought, 'now what do I do?' that's where i come in. i offer one-on-one makeup lessons using the items that you already have.  you will learn how to do your makeup, not in a way of just learning certain products, but with an overall view of how the makeup works and so you can decide what works for you and what works for your budget. 


here’s what you’ll learn:

*skin preparation and skin type
* foundation application
*skin tones, concealers, and color correction
* contouring your face
* eye makeup application: eye shadow, liner & mascara
* how to “do” your eye brows
*blush application
* the perfect lips
*tips on makeup brushes

dolled up
(1 hour 30 mins) $85

dolled up plus

   (2 hours) $125

this includes a 30 min shopping appointment where I will go with you to 
help with picking out foundation or any other makeup needed.

tweens and teens

   (1 hours) $50
for 12 to 17 year olds, learn how to apply age appropriate makeup! additionally the lesson addresses problems such as covering acne and blemishes, without looking overly “made up”.  this lesson can also be used for girls needing to learn drill team or cheerleading stage makeup


for the eyes

   (30 mins) $50

this is an eye makeup only lesson where you will learn the best techniques 

for doing eye makeup and brows for your face.  


lash out

   (30 mins) $40

we all love our lashes and this lesson will teach you how to put on eyelash strips 

and cluster lashes. You will receive one eyelash strips and a set of cluster lashes. 


highs and lows

   (30 mins) $30

learn to contour and highlight in a way to flatter your face shape.  you will learn why 

we contour and what you should contour with different techniques.