God In The Little Things

So I had a plan for today’s blog post and of course like things using happen when I plan, it is not going to happen. I’m ok with this, because I think this is important. Because today I’m thankful to God for being there in the little things.

So I’m wanting to pay off some things and so I’ve been making some changes and one of my changes that I have made was Starbucks. Yes my friends, I have cut out the Starbucks, this is a hard thing to do when you love coffee. But it’s a huge cash drain so I did it. I still buy Starbucks to make at home, but that costs a fraction of the cost to drive up and get a coffee everyday (sometimes 2, don't tell!).

Well a beautiful friend of mine got me a gift card for my birthday, and today one of the ladies in my Bible Study, texted me if she could bring me a Starbucks coffee. After her text it made me think of the sweet friend who got me a gift card and now this. I sat there and thanked God, because he knew how much this small thing meant to me. He took the people in my life and used them to provide something that I wanted but had sacrificed. So often I think that we miss these little things. The things that are great in and of themselves, that aren’t grand and big, but it’s God’s way of saying, ‘I see you, I know you, I will provide for you even in the small.’

I want to take time and see God more in the small. I want to stop more and see all the ways that God cares for me. It's so easy to praise him, when a big provision comes through, we thank God and tell our friends. I challenge you and myself to notice the small. The gentle hand of God holding your hand and telling you, 'I have even this.'

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