Living the interrupted life

Updated: Nov 30, 2017

Sometime around the beginning of this year I was listening to either a preacher or it was in a BIble Study, about being willing to live interrupted. Being able to allow God to work through me by being willing to be interrupted. This pressed on my heart and so it became my prayer. At first the interruption didn't seem to be that bad they didn't get in the way of others things I need to get done... but sometimes living interrupted gets in the way of your schedule it makes you late or miss something. It comes at times when you don't feel in the mood to be interrupted. And you say to God, 'Not right now, I have things to do I'm not in the mood'. But interruptions don't come on a schedule. Live happens to people when it happens, the question is 'Am I willing to obey God even when it isn't a good time?' Even when I'm having a bad day and I just want to go home and do nothing or eat cheesecake. Can I be inconvenienced for someone in need?

This weekend God really tested me in this, if there was a person in need, God sent them to me. I didn't do anything on time that I had planned for this weekend. But I was obedient to the best of my abilities. I lived interrupted. I have been thinking back on the other times this year that I've been interrupted and followed God, and the blessing I got from those moment totally outweighed the things that I didn't get done or missed. It turned around a few bad days and it made me realized how an extraordinary God can use us in an ordinary way.

The picture here is from my goals board. I put it on there around the beginning of 2017, I didn't get why this spoke to me til now. Because being obedient can be really ordinary. He doesn't always call us to move around the world. Sometimes he calls us to stop and listen to someone we don't know, or to comfort someone who is having a hard time. To be willing to help a stranger in a store because they walked up to you, because they could see the glory of God on your life. It's ordinary, but to that person it may be their saving grace. Even though living interrupted scares me to death, I will continue to pray for it and allow God to work. To know that the things on the list may be important to me, but they may not be God's plan for my day. I pray I will forever chose the interrupted life and see how God works in the ordinary.

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