Pretty Little Box

I know that some days, you wanna scream pretty little box. You want to let the world know every thought every thing that's in your head. All the stuff that you have bottled up, and the things you dare not say.

But you don't. Because you know that the words that escape from you can't be pushed back in, you can't get them back into the pretty little box. And if they get out, everyone will know. They will know that you, pretty little box, aren't so pretty that the ribbons and bows that you tied so tight and so perfect cover the holes. And we can't show the holes, Can we?

So you don't scream, you smile and you keep your pretty little box looking so pretty because that's the point right? To keep it pretty.

Yes, just smile and nod and nod and smile, you are so pretty little box, you are so perfect, because your ribbons hide, the ribbons let you look down on the other boxes that didn't tie theirs as neat. So their holes peek through, or the boxes that didn't even bother with the ribbon, so their holes are so obvious. You laugh and you mock them pretty little box, because they aren't as good as you, they aren't as pretty as you, Are they?

You judge so that you don't stop to realize that you are just like them, you are like the ones you mock, you just have a better bow. But it's ok, pretty little box, I won't tell. I won't reveal the secret underneath. I won't tell a sole, I will just sit and wait for you to be ready to realize that you don't need the ribbon. The bow is not needed because, I love you pretty little box, with your holes, I long for you, pretty little box, without the ribbon that you use to hid behind.

You are My Pretty Little Box, I created you, I knew the holes you would get and when you get them, but you keep hiding them from me. You keep them from me, don't you know I can repair those holes? But I will wait for you, I will watch over you, I will always be here for you My Pretty Little Box. It's up to you, take off the ribbons and let me show you what I can do.

(Originally written 8.5.16)

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