The Best Plan

Did you know there are benefits to living an Interrupted life? I know it’s crazy that the thought of being interrupted would have benefits.

I’m a scheduled person, I like to sit with my to do list and organize it and then put that list on my calendar in its own little time slot with a reminder. THIS brings me joy, this makes my heart happy, gives me all the feels and all the things. But when God tells you it is time to live Interrupted... well the joy you get from a schedule, you may not get as often but the benefits are worth it.

Now I still schedule my day, but I understand that God may interrupt it and well he does. But this year with the interruption I’ve been able to just sit and chat with so many women. This gives me an unbelievable amount of joy, it has allowed me to walk in my calling. This makes me think if I hadn’t decided to live Interrupted, I would have missed out on these moments. I would have missed out on what God was trying to show me about what really matters.

You see tasks are important, they are and we have things will have to get done and I love to check those tasks off the list. But when I walk in my calling, when I’m able to work with women, something changes because that is where my calling is. I’m not going to pretend to totally understand my calling because I so don’t. I really really don’t! I know a little, I know what stirs my soul and I just recently was able to say this out loud which brought on tears and all that. But one thing I’ve starting to realize really quickly is that The Interrupted Life is now MY NEW WAY OF LIFE!! And don’t tell God, but some days I'm totally ok with it. Now hear me loud and clear, I’m not about to go and burn my calendar but now I embrace the interruptions more. I embrace the fact that sometimes you are needed to be with someone, or do something in this moment not later but NOW. God is so in those moments, it’s a blessing that you may miss if the moment passes. It makes me think how many blessing did I miss before I lived Interrupted.

A couple of weeks ago, a young lady that God brought to me for an interrupted moment came and gave me a huge hug and told me how much she appreciated me. This was a surprise to me, because I felt as if I hadn’t done much. But there were tears, and tight hugging and snotty noses. We may never really know the power of how God can use us, if we don’t allow him room to use us! I don't want to miss a thing. I don't want to get so busy with my plans that I forget that God has the BEST plan. I want the BEST plan, I want God to work through and use me in ways I could never imagine. I want to know that when my time is over, that I didn't miss a thing. So I'm up Lord, and will cross off my list until you call me into whatever you planned because I welcome the interruption, I welcome your Best Plan.

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