Tanning Services

Full Body Custom Airbrush Tanning

(30 mins).. $35

What you can see Tan

(half leg, face, neck, shoulders, arms)

(20 mins).. $20

Nothing but legs 

(15 mins) $15

Rapid Tan Full Body 

(can shower between 1 - 3 hrs.)

(30 mins).. $50

tanning membership packages

Keep that tan all summer long with these packages!! 

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Golden Goddess Membership


6 Tan Per Month

Your account will be conveniently auto charged every month

until you cancel your membership.​

You can get your initial 2 tans within 3 days of each other to help to give 

you a great base coat.

**MEMBERSHIPS are non-transferable, non-refundable, and unused tans DO NOT roll over to the next month. 

tanning instructions


- Shower and Exfoliate - exfoliation removes dead skin which helps the solution to give more even coverage.  DO NOT use a moisturizing soap or body wash before your tan.  Sugar scrubs work the best, and be sure to scrub your entire body well. DO NOT use loofas, they may cause you to have streaks.  

- Shave at least 24 hours before your appointment.

- Skin needs to be clean and dry before being spray tanned.  Don't apply any moisturizers, deodorant, or oils before your appointment. 

- Makeup - if you want your face sprayed, makeup is not recommended. 

- Wear loose fitting clothing. - clothing rubbing against the skin immediately after the process can rub the "tan" away. 

- Leave Your Jewelry at home - all jewelry must be removed, so leaving it at home will ensure that you don't forget or     lose anything. 

- Undergarments - we will provide disposable underwear and bras. It is only necessary to wear bottoms.  The only clients permitted to go nude are those getting ready to compete in a pageant. 

- Bathing suits - Those who do not want or need the entire body sprayed may opt to wear a bathing suit, but you must be aware that the suit will get tanning solution on it. 

- Shoes - loose shoes such as flip flops or light slippers are recommended. 



- Body Positioning - in order to make sure that you are evenly covered, you may be asked to get into different positions. Bend slightly to spray ceases, or lifting of breast to spray underneath. 

- Over-exposure - some areas of the body tend to get darker than others due to skin texture. Those areas will be sprayed lighter during your fist tan to see how your takes to the solution. 



- Showering - please wait at least 8 hours before showering.  (expect with rapid tan 1 - 3 hrs.)  Your tan will continue to develop for the next 24 hours.

- Lotion - apply lotion to keep the skin moist and to enhance your tan.  DO NOT use any moisturizers with fragrance. 

- Your tan should last anywhere from 5 to 10 days.

- Avoid exfoliating scrubs, facial masks, and toners that contain alcohol.  

- Avoid hot tubs and limit swimming in chlorinated pools it may cause the tan to fade quicker than normal.  

- Sun Care - spray tans WILL NOT protect you against the sun. You will always need to protect your skin with SPF. 


How Air-Tan Sun tanning works

1.  The bronzer that you see immediately is our temporary bronzing color.  It gives the instant gratification tan.

2.  Our bronzing color coverage shows how even the DHA tan will be.  It is part of the same coverage.

3.  The product includes the ingredient DHA and other selected ingredients which create the long lasting tan.  The DHA phase will develop within a few hours into a tan that is unique to each person.

4.  When you shower after 8 hours the temporary color will come off but the tan will remain. 

5.  The tanner continues to develop slightly over the next 24 hours and lasts approximately 5 to 7 days or more days depending on hydration. Exfoliation and natural sweating which varies from person to person.