• eyebrow shaping - shaping of the eyebrows with wax and/or tweezers

  •  lip wax - removing the hair directly above, around and under the lips

  • chin wax - the chin area including any stray hairs on or around the jawline and check area

  • full face - includes eyebrows, lip, chin and sideburns

  • full arm - from the wrist up to the shoulder

  • underarm - hair removal from under the underarms

  • lower back - removal of hair from the lower back area

  • basic bikini - outside of the pantyline.

  • brazilian wax - removes all hair from the vagina, inner, and the buttocks. may choose to leave a strip or triangle

  • inner thigh - removal of hair from the inner thigh

  • lower leg - (including knee) from the ankle up to and including the knee and to the fold of the knee on the back side.

  • full leg - from the ankle and up the legs up to the hip area, but not including towards the fold of the legs.

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